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Sr.No.Category of EntityDocument
1Banks / Payments Bank approved by RBI / Prepaid Payment Instrument Issuers approved by RBI/ Non-Banking Financial Companies approved by RBI / Credit card Companies / Institutions / Credit information companies approved by RBI/ Payment And Settlement System Operators authorized by RBI/ RBI approved Authorised Dealer - Category IILicense/Certificate of Registration issued by RBI
2Mutual Funds / Depository Participants / Stock Exchanges / Commodity Exchanges / Clearing Corporations / Depositories / Investment Advisor approved by SEBI/ Register & Transfer agents approved by SEBI/KYC Registration Agency (KRA)/Central KYC RegistryLicense/Certificate of Registration issued by SEBI
3Companies (Required to furnish Annual Information Return (AIR)/Statement of Financial Transaction (SFT) / Any other entity required to furnish Annual Information Return (AIR)/Statement of Financial Transaction (SFT)Latest provisional receipt of Annual Information Return filed/confirmation received from ITD for submission of SFT
4Companies and Government deductor (Required to file TDS/TCS return)Latest provisional receipt of TDS/TCS statement filed
5Insurance Web Aggregators / Insurance Company / Insurance Repository/ Direct (Life & General) Brokers approved by IRDAILicense/Certificate of registration issued by IRDA
6Housing Finance CompaniesLicense/Certificate of registration issued by National housing Bank (NHB)/RBI
7Educational Institutions established by Regulatory BodiesLicense/Certificate of registration issued by Regulatory body
8Central Recordkeeping Agency of National Pension System/PFRDA approved Point of Presence (For Online Platform)License/Certificate of registration issued by PFRDA
9Mutual Fund AdvisorLicense/Certificate of registration issued by AMFI
10DSC issuing AuthoritiesLicense/Certificate of registration issued by CCA (Controller of Certifying Authorities)