Procedure for e-payment
  1. To pay taxes online, the taxpayer will select the relevant challan i.e. ITNS 280/281/282/283/284/285/286/287 or Form 26QB/QC/QD as applicable.
  2. Enter his or her PAN / TAN as applicable. Further, taxpayer will select the required Tax applicable, Type of Payment, Nature of Payment and Assessment/Financial Year as displayed on the screen.
  3. Apart from the aforementioned details, taxpayer is required to enter the address details (such as City, Pin Code, State etc.).
  4. Two modes of payment options will be available to the taxpayer i.e. Net Banking or Debit card of the selected bank. Taxpayer can choose the available payment options.
  5. After entering the above details and selecting the required Bank, taxpayer will be prompted to enter the text (CAPTCHA) as displayed on the screen. On successful matching of CAPTCHA text, if taxpayer clicks on 'Proceed' button, confirmation screen gets displayed.
  6. On the confirmation screen, non-financial/financial details entered by the taxpayer at first screen along with the Name of the taxpayer as per the database of the Income Tax Department (Masked) will be displayed to the taxpayer.
  7. After ensuring the correctness of the details displayed, the taxpayer can proceed to make the tax payment.
  8. Upon confirmation, taxpayer will be redirected to the Banks payment gateway i.e. Debit Card/Net Banking web page. Taxpayer will login to the net-banking site with the user ID/ password provided by the bank for net-banking purpose. In case the taxpayer has selected the Debit Card option, he or she will enter the required card details.
  9. On successful payment a challan counterfoil will be displayed containing CIN (Challan Identification Number), payment details and bank name through which e-payment has been made. This counterfoil is proof of payment being made.
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