Hyperlinking Policy

Prior explicit written permission is required before any links/sections of the website/hyperlinks are directed/called/relayed/reproduced in any form for any website/portal/mobile apps related to Protean eGov Technologies Limited Limited and related from or to this website.

Permission for linking, shall be granted only after understanding the requirements/usage and purpose of usage by stating the nature of the content on the pages from where the link has been requested and the same should be obtained by sending a request to Protean eGov Technologies Limited Limited.

Please provide the details to us in the following format specified below to the email ID: tinwebsite@nsdl.co.in, before any links are directed/called/relayed/reproduced from this website are hyperlinked.

  • Website address/Mobile App details
  • Purpose for hyperlinking
  • Language of hyperlink
  • Requirements/Usage
  • Email address
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Details
  • Address

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